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New Publication
The Turn of the Seasons

K H Dawson is delighted to announce the publication of "The Turn of the Seasons, Part One" - just in time before Christmas.


Click here to purchase/ download a copy.


Two haunting seasonal tales that will take you on a journey...
When death’s unwanted presence knocks upon the door of Alec Morton, he decides to seek solace elsewhere: the Isle of Eairdsidh. This isolated archipelago situated in the East coast of Scotland appears to be the perfect place for Alec - along with his beautiful, brown-eyed daughter, Frida - to drop anchor.
Everything seems fine, until the empty vessel emerges.
Upon the ghostly galleon’s arrival, everything changes. Death casts its unwanted, macabre spell.
And Alec Morton’s life changes forever.
Something is deeply wrong in the Scottish village of Cothromach.
Some snowfall had been forecast. But, against all predictions, an intense wall of white silence consumes the sleepy village, slipping over everything in sight, smothering the Scottish settlement. The silence is vociferous.
The longest night creeps closer and closer.
And Saskia Mallory, a troubled teenager with a sad tale to tell, is in grave danger.

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