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Book One

"The Book of Almost Anything"

At first glance, Christopher Muir appears to be just like any other of his peers: a teenager struggling to fit in at his new school, Oakwood Institute in the small village of Ferncross, just outside Leicester. But this charming and sensitive blue-eyed, brown haired boy has another story: he lost his confidence and developed a stutter when his mother, Margaret Muir, a teacher at the local primary school, died suddenly in strange circumstances. This sent shock waves through the village of Ferncross.

Ever since his mother’s passing, Christopher has struggled with strange blackouts and fainting fits. His overpowering father, Aiden Brenton, an extremely powerful, influential, and downright nasty CEO at the global technology company called Incaendium, has other ideas: he thinks that his son, has a wild imagination and merely makes up stories just to please himself. So, he wants his son to stay with him at his strange and unwelcoming townhouse called Chez Solas.

Thankfully, Christopher’s Nana Kathy – a wee, but powerful Scottish wummin -  looks after her grandson at the wonderful family residence of Milaw House in Ferncross village. The old house is full of magic, but it is in the garden where Christopher’s journey begins: the smell of lavender draws him towards his Papa Tommy’s old lean-to at the bottom of the huge lawn.

This is where everything changes for Christopher. What he discovers is far beyond any of his expectations…

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