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K H Dawson

K H Dawson is the author of "An Unseasonable Spirit," "The Empty Vessel" and "The Book of Almost Anything". She lives in South Lanarkshire with her wife, her two children, and her ginger tabby called Tigger.

Dawson fell in love with reading at an early age, all thanks to her grandmother and parents. Her passion for literature led her to Glasgow University where she successfully completed a degree in English Language and Literature. Dawson then went on to achieve a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (English Secondary) the following year. From there, she worked in various schools, before settling in a local Lanarkshire school, where she has been sharing her enthusiasm for English literature and language ever since.

K H Dawson began writing her first novel, “The Book of Almost Anything,” in 2014. She had a vision of what she wanted to write, and even early on, she realised that her novel would be the first part of a trilogy. 

“The Book of Almost Anything,” and "An Unseasonable Spirit" are available to buy on Amazon in paperback and e-Book format. You can also purchase  her haunting novelette e-Book "The Empty Vessel" on Amazon.

Look out for her latest publication, "Summer's Ending" - landing July 2023. 

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Summer's Ending

Saturday Teaser - Chapter One - Free

To celebrate K H Dawson's impending arrival of Summer's Ending, she is delighted to share a little snapshot of her short novella. Click on the link below for Chapter One - An Icy Silence.   

Please leave your reviews on  Dawson's Twitter @KHDawson1

Summer's Ending is the third episode in Dawson's ghostly seasonal short stories.  

George and Enyo are the striking couple that appear to have everything: a beautiful son called Jason, an abundant inheritance, and family ties to the Greek island of Crete.

But fate sends this striking couple upon a very different path.

Underneath the tyrannical Cretan sun, something terrifying emerges – something so inexplicable, that it changes their lives. Forever.  

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An Unseasonable Spirit

Thursday 22nd December, 2022

"An Unseasonable Spirit" is the second installment in Dawson's ghostly short stories, all set around the four seasons. This haunting tale takes place just before the Winter Solstice.

It is now available to purchase either in eBook or paperback format - see the link below.

It is a winter ghost story - perfect for reading over the festive holidays, preferably with a mince pie and a drink of your choice.

The story follows a troubled teenager struggling with her life in the sleepy village of Cothromach.

Some snowfall had been forecast. But, against all predictions, an intense wall of white silence consumes the sleepy village, slipping over everything in sight, smothering the Scottish settlement. The silence is vociferous.

The longest night creeps closer and closer.

And Saskia Mallory, the troubled teenager with a sad tale to tell, is in grave danger.

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"The Empty Vessel"

This first installment in Dawson's haunting short stories is not for the faint-hearted. When death’s unwanted presence knocked upon the door of Alec Morton, he decided to seek solace somewhere else. Fate dealt him the widower card, leaving him to raise his beautiful daughter Frida. Alone.

And so, he chose the Isle of Eairdsidh: an isolated archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. It appeared to be the perfect place for Alec and Frida to drop anchor. Everything seemed fine for a short while.

Until the empty vessel emerged from the mist.

Upon the ghostly galleon’s arrival, everything changed. Death cast its unwanted, macabre spell.
And Alec Morton’s life changed. Forever.

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"The Book of Almost Anything"

Published November 2020

At first glance, Christopher appears to be just like any of his peers: a teenager struggling to fit in at his new school, Oakwood Institute. 

But this sensitive and charming boy has another story: he lost his confidence and developed a stutter when his mother died suddenly and inexplicably. 

Ever since his mother’s passing, Christopher has struggled with strange blackouts and fainting fits. His overpowering father, Aiden Brenton, an extremely powerful, influential, and downright nasty CEO at the global technology company called Incaendium, has other ideas. He thinks that his son has a wild imagination and merely makes up stories to please himself. 

Thankfully, Christopher’s Nana Kathy – a wee but commanding Scottish wummin – now looks after her grandson at the wonderful family residence of Milaw House in Ferncross village, Leicester. The old house is full of magic, but it is in the garden where Christopher’s journey begins: the smell of lavender draws him towards the ancient lean-to nestled amongst the trees at the edge of the huge lawn. And this is where everything changes for Christopher. What he discovers is far beyond any of his expectations... 

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Book Two in K H Dawson's Trilogy

Arriving in 2023

K H Dawson is extremely excited to share the release date of her next novel: Book Two, the follow-up to "The Book of Almost Anything," which will arrive later in  2023.

More news to follow.

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Free Teaching Pack for Parents and Teachers

If you are a parent/ carer/ teacher looking for that little something extra to inspire our younger generation, then I have put together a teaching pack (with answers) on Chapters one to six. Click on the buttons below - all for free. Plus, there is an audio of Chapters one to six (see the audio player below) - something to help with the teaching pack. Enjoy. 

{Click here for a PDF of Chapters One to Six}

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"The Book of Almost Anything" - now available to buy in Australia 

Happy Days

I am delighted to announce that "The Book of Almost Anything" is now available to the good people of Australia. {Click here} for the paperback link, or {click here} to download the e-Book. 

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Recent Articles


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East Kilbride teacher's new novel offers home schooling tools to help parents in lockdown

Daily Record, Scotland, by Niki Tennant

Author K H Dawson, who teaches English at Calderglen High in East Kilbride, has combined her full-time teaching career and motherhood with writing ‘The Book of Almost Anything’.

Click here to read full article.

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K H Dawson and her Free Lockdown Learning Materials

East Kilbride News, Scotland

Writing under the pseudonym K H Dawson – a tribute to her grandmother, Kate Dawson – the novel follows the fortunes of 13-year-old Christopher, who is struggling to fit into a new school.

Click here to read full article.

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Launch Day Competition Party

K H Dawson Twitter

A huge congratulations to the winners for their amazing book cover designs - there were so many fantastic designs to choose from.

Click here to read tweet.

Book Publication November 22nd 2020

"The Book of Almost Anything" by K H Dawson is now available to purchase.

K H Dawson Twitter

Click here to see the promo video.

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"The Book of Almost Anything"

You can still purchase a paperback version of my novel at The Book of Almost Anything: Dawson, K H: 9798557138734: Books

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Read The First Four Chapters - Free

November 2020

To accompany my free lockdown learning pack, I have included the first four chapters below.

As a little extra, I have included the fifth chapter - somewhere on my website for you to find. Can you spot it?

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If they ask me, I could write a book,
about the way you walk and whisper and look.
I could write a preface on how we met
So the world would never forget. F Sinatra

K H Dawson

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Great characters, amazing descriptions, sheer escapism and magic. Roll on book two of trilogy.

5 out of 5 stars, says M Meechan

5 out of 5 Stars.
Enchanting novel for adults and children alike. Powerful descriptions that invite you in to the world and mind of the protagonist. Enigmatic. Actually could not put this book down.

Certified Amazon Customer Review


Get in touch to discover more stories by K H Dawson and to follow her literary adventures.

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